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reflections on belonging

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Graphic Novels

Maironis by the rectory,1930. From Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum collection.
With such beauty the heart is freed
For the traveller who yearns to roam.
If only the eye could still see to see
The shores of Dubysa, my home.

Photo by Vida Ponelienė
a time when people were
not afraid of each other?

must be a bad joke

ask any rowan
by the road

Photo by Anette Mück
A lonely lover sings
Or maybe
We are the song
The lyrics don't make sense
We keep forgetting the words
Let's stay for another one
Just one more

Photo by Kamilė Blauzdytė
i have a dark pocket
i try to avoid that place in my mind
where the Earth is a little blue marble
the size of a pea and we are
never there

Photo from personal archives
and all of this must be preserved against time
though once a doctor made it very plain:

if there are some patients who feel cool
because they wrote a poem or two
let them try and operate on someone's brain

Auris in red. Photo by Antanas Untidy.
step out of the dream box, o Hamlet, your hour draws near
step out of the dream box
step out of the dream box
you can wear a colorful dress and sail and sail down the river

Photo by Vygaudas Juozaitis
I am the water running down gutters,
the sound of conversations echoing off walls.
Isn't it beautiful? I ask,
The things that bind us.

Photo by Evelina Audinytė
can it be that you’re a miracle (I always hear this word),
not a real one, but as if, as if it were a question of belief

the belief or knowledge that you are an independent
heart’s pulse, viscous dust quickened by lightning

Photo by Lina Simutytė
we are comets with the tails chopped off
our burning heads crashing
to rest

Photo by Malachi Black
For the concrete columns
Holding up this world,
For it all, once upon a time
I paid with lilac leaves.

Portrait by Ieva Prūsaitė
but I am far from the stars
far from the deft twists and turns of the mind
from the life that others would approve of
but is that any reason to complain?



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