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Poet, prose writer.
L.Degėsys is a professor of philosophy at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. His research areas are Philosophy of Art, Social Philosophy, Business philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy for Children. He is a member of the Board of Lithuanian Writers Union, also a member of a Board of LATGA - Lithuanian collective copyright management association.
L.Degėsys has got the Lithuanian Republic Government Culture and Art Award (2013) for poetry  and Twice - Awards of Ministry of Culture (2010, 2017) for the essays and non-fiction writing.
Degėsys has published 8 books of poetry, 4 books of philosophical essays and 2 novels.


8 books of poetry:

The Green Bird, 1984, Vilnius, Vaga  Publisher.
The Eyes Of Love, 1985, Vaga Publisher.
September’s Star, 1989, Vyturys  Publisher.
It Is A Night, 1990, Vaga Publisher.
From Nowhere, 1995, Eldija  Publisher.
The Zoo, 2003, Dziugas  Publisher.
Meadow. Menagerie, 2007,  Kronta publisher.
Flowers of the Dream, 2008, Kronta  publisher.

Books of Philosophical Essays:

The Roundtrip, 2007, Kronta publisher.
Otherwise Than Other, 2008, Baltos Lankos publisher.
Memories of Memories, 2010, Alma Litera Publisher.
The Underwear of Life, 2018, Publishing House of Lithuanian Writers’ Union.


A Novel, 2014, Alma Littera Publisher.
Tomorrow Was Yesterday, 2017, Publishing House of Lithuanian Writers’ Union. your social media marketing partner



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